It’s been awhile

I apologize for not posting anything for the past few months. Part of that was due to trying to get my children prepared for this school year, part was due to trying my best to maintain sanity during the election, part was due to training to run my second marathon, part due to compiling a new book, and part due to the panic and anxiety I’ve been feeling as a result of the election.


I did complete my second marathon, but not as I’d hoped. There were changes in the race that were unexpected, including it being much warmer than it usually is in mid-October in Toronto. While my finish time was much worse than my first marathon, the mileage I physically ran was actually longer than an actual marathon. This was due to changes made in when they decided to start closing the course and there being no markings for how to complete the course once it was closed. I chalk it up to being my first ultra-marathon as it was over 26.2 miles by almost 2.5 miles. So, it was my worst marathon, but my best and new personal best for an ultra-marathon.

As far as the book goes, it is a collection of short stories and poems entitled, Fourteen Poems and Five Stories. Many of the pieces in the book are rather dark, but overall, I hope those who pick up a copy will enjoy it. It’s available on Amazon as well as CreateSpace and for order through most bookstores.

Finally, the election. Still trying to wrap my head around how someone as vile as the president-elect could have even gotten the Electoral College numbers needed to become the president-elect. Yet, as I write this, I am hopeful that the recent revelations about interference from Russia and his other shady dealings will cause the Electoral College to veer off their typical rubber stamp of approval and select either Ms. Clinton or someone more unifying than the person whom I shall simply call Orange Sauron.

Last, it is a snow day here where I am. I enjoy the snow, not shoveling it, but the ambiance it gives to the earth. The quiet way it falls and coats the earth in its blanket of white. Almost gives the earth the appearance of being cleaner than it is sometimes.

I wish you peace and hope to write more much sooner rather than later.

Debut Novel–The Orra

Good Day to all those who follow me and read my blog postings. I apologize for not having posted in a long while as I have been busy with finishing my first novel. I am pleased to announce that my novel, The Orra, is now available as a paperback from, Amazon Europe, and on Kindle. Within the next few weeks, it will also become available in more areas, including as an audiobook. So, let me give you a little more information on my novel in the form of the book blurb. I hope many of you will find this novel to be interesting and purchase a copy or two. Remember, books always make a great gift for the holidays. They always are in the right size and can be reused numerous times.
Here is the blurb for The Orra:

Searching for the meaning of a person’s life can lead to more than someone bargains for as it does for Liam Morrison, a high school English teacher, who travels to the Scottish Isle of Lewis to research his family tree. While there, he is rescued by a selkie named Seonaid who presents him with a magical amulet that causes him to shape-shift unexpectedly. During a layover on his return home and while he is transformed into a dog, he overhears a plot to assassinate the President. This sends Liam on a journey to both stop the assassination and grapple with the power of the amulet and, with it, discover his destiny.


Again, please take a closer look at my novel and consider purchasing it for yourself or someone you love.
Thank you.