Debut Novel–The Orra

Good Day to all those who follow me and read my blog postings. I apologize for not having posted in a long while as I have been busy with finishing my first novel. I am pleased to announce that my novel, The Orra, is now available as a paperback from, Amazon Europe, and on Kindle. Within the next few weeks, it will also become available in more areas, including as an audiobook. So, let me give you a little more information on my novel in the form of the book blurb. I hope many of you will find this novel to be interesting and purchase a copy or two. Remember, books always make a great gift for the holidays. They always are in the right size and can be reused numerous times.
Here is the blurb for The Orra:

Searching for the meaning of a person’s life can lead to more than someone bargains for as it does for Liam Morrison, a high school English teacher, who travels to the Scottish Isle of Lewis to research his family tree. While there, he is rescued by a selkie named Seonaid who presents him with a magical amulet that causes him to shape-shift unexpectedly. During a layover on his return home and while he is transformed into a dog, he overhears a plot to assassinate the President. This sends Liam on a journey to both stop the assassination and grapple with the power of the amulet and, with it, discover his destiny.


Again, please take a closer look at my novel and consider purchasing it for yourself or someone you love.
Thank you.

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