An Affront to Humanity

He’s mocked someone with a physical disability.

He’s mocked a survivor of a sexual assault.

He’s mocked elected officials from both sides of the aisle, including a war veteran and former POW.

He’s mocked our veterans and the families of soldiers who have died.

He’s mocked or ridiculed a vast number of folks while expressing admiration for despots and dictators.

All that is horrible in itself.

However, that there are folks out there that still support him even to the extent of laughing at his mockery and/or ignoring his admiration for despots, is even more troubling as it reflects on the character of those individuals as well.

In their ignoring or support, they are saying that they are just as horrible as he is.

Sure, I know there are more of us who are offended and incensed at his behaviour. It’s just that we need to be more vocal against him and those who support him, whether they be members of his own party or our neighbors, friends, or family members.

It’s gone beyond politics.

It’s gone to being an affront to our humanity.

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