It is hard to describe what this is going to become as I have never blogged before. I originally thought it would be great blogging about the importance of grammar and how students, especially middle and high school students, could improve their grammar in our digital age. However, that seemed rather dull.

So, I will likely talk about life as I see it as a parent, former teacher, and person. I have fairly fixed political viewpoints that tend to irritate those who are devoted to certain more conservatively based organizations and media outlets. With that said, I will likely blog about political events in the U.S.

A friend has called me wise. I responded by stating that I have been labeled a wise-ass, but never wise. My friend replied by stating: “…with most wise people comes moments of wise-assness!” (NFS, my friend’s initials as it is only right to give her credit for the quote, but also keep her anonymous.

I will, therefore, make commentaries on education, life, politics, religion at times, and other things that people may find either insightful or irritating.

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