Why Buy From Local Artisans?

Consider this when you look for items to purchase for the people you care about.

When an artist, musician, or writer creates something, they put part of themselves into it. It’s more than just the materials they used. It’s even more than the hours they spent creating it.

Each stitch, each weave, each word, or each stroke of the brush is done with care and love. They create out of a vision.
They create out of more than even a custom order request.
They create because it is not just what they do, but who they are.
They create using talents given to them and honed by them over time.

Yes, handcrafted and handmade items can and often do cost more than the ones that are mass produced by machines.

Yet, they last longer and are far more personal than something for which there are multiple copies.

They are gifts that are unique and imbued with so much more than you think. These items become heirlooms many items. They are passed down to others out of love.

So, please consider buying from your local or known artisans of any type before making a gift purchase from a large company or store.

The gift you give will have a much deeper meaning.

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