Land of the Brave who are Free

You’re fine with other races

If they’re making music or playing ball.

You’re fine with immigrants

If they’re picking produce or serving you at the mall.

You’re fine with foreign workers

If they’re cleaning your room.

You’re fine with a woman

If she’s naked in your room or carrying a baby in her womb.

You’re not fine if any of these people have the gall

To stand up, stand proud, stand tall

Against your prejudice and hate

This makes you the reason there’s no time to wait.

No time to debate

About the changes that are needed in this place.

Because your ideas need laid to waste.

Now is the time

Now is the place

For our country to erase

All the hate

All the hurt

All the pain

It’s time for justice to fall like rain.

Maybe then we can be

The land of the brave who are free.

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