Humans not human capital

An issue that weighs on my mind has to do with how many corporations view the people who work for them. Far too many seem to see employees as “human capital” rather than people. What I mean by that is that the corporate hierarchy sees the people working at the lower level as simply a living piece of machinery that’s easily disposed with should she or he not perform to the company expectations. With such a view, when an employee struggles with work or work-life balance issues, then the company simply terminates the employee’s employment with a mindset of there will be another person to take their place. This creates an atmosphere at work that breeds not only lack of company loyalty in employees, but also one of distrust of management and psychological anxiety.

People are not disposable. They are fellow human beings who likely need a job or simply a break to make ends meet. Companies who treat employees as disposable may make great profits, but at what cost? Is it really worth making a profit on the backs of people without caring about them? I often wonder how corporate hierarchy can become so callous towards the people who work under them. Sure, there are incentives many of these places give to employees, such as time off rewards or bonuses for referring other people to work there, but how much does that really reward the company more than the employees? Most do not consider that aspect of the matter.

Sure, companies cannot be expected to cover all the social needs of their employees. Yet, compassion should drive any actions taken toward the employees of a company. It takes creativity sometimes, but what’s wrong with that? It can even take looking at situations on a person by person basis and creating a more innovative approach to solving problems in the workplace. Again, aside from time, what’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t the focus be on more than profit? As odd as it may sound, might not profits be increased by thinking more outside the box and treating people who work for these companies at every level as valued individuals? I think it can. Beyond that, I think it must for companies to be in existence in today’s and the future’s society.

Think about it.

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