Promo time

Sales have stagnated and I find myself having to self market once again.

I currently have three books available in both print and e-book formats. The e-book format for all is Kindle. The books are also available from and other Amazon outlets world wide. They can be ordered from your local bookstore as well. Two are fiction and one is non-fiction.

The non-fiction title is The High School Student’s Guide to Life After High School. It is a work based on my years of teaching experience as I helped students find their way into college or technical college. It is a short and somewhat interactive book where students are encouraged to think about life after high school and navigate their way into some type of higher education.

The next title is my first novel, The Orra. This paranormal intrigue deals with a man who is given an amulet that gives him the power to shapeshift into animals. While he attempts to learn to control the power of the amulet, he overhears a plot to assassinate the President of the United States. He takes it upon himself, with the help of a friend, to stop the assassination from occurring. All this while he attempts to master control of the amulet and reach what will also become his destiny.

The final work I currently have in print, a novella titled as The Temp, is a much darker piece of paranormal thriller. In it, a young woman is stalked by an obscene phone caller. However, this stalker is far more dangerous that she bargained for because, well, I won’t give any more of that one away except that you wouldn’t want to meet Milos in a dark alley.

There you have it. Please look these up online or at your local bookseller. Order a copy or two. Give them as gifts. Please help a new author breakout and be heard.

Ok, I’ll stop begging for now.


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