The Tragedy in Boston

I will start off my saying that my thoughts and prayers, like many of those from thousands of people in the world, go out to the City of Boston, the runners, and all the spectators-both injured, killed, their families, and those who will forever live with the events of Monday on their minds. This senseless act serves as a reminder how fragile life is and how there are sick people in our world who seek nothing but to harm others. It is a shameful act of terrorism regardless if it is domestic or foreign.

It was heartening to hear the reports, though, of Bostonians who reached out to help. The runners who went to donate blood to help the victims. The people who were willing to house strangers who were left without housing due to the tragedy. This goes to show how wonderful people really are when faced with a crisis. We will go out to help one another. That gives one some hope in humanity in the face of inhumanity.

However, the posts from people who wish to place the tragic events of Monday 15 April 2013 as being some type of government plan to install martial law and even a dictatorship, are reprehensible. These people from the fringes of reality wish to court discord amid the acts of generosity and harmony witness in the selfless acts of those who volunteered to assist in any way they could. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Unfortunately, there are those who will listen to those deranged people as they spew out their anti-government diatribes. It is my hope that saner minds will prevail and speak out against these forces of darkness in our world.

It is also my hope that the law enforcement agencies investigating this tragedy will discover those who perpetrated this heinous crime against humanity and bring him, her, or them to justice. It does not matter whether those who committed this crime are domestic or foreign because, either way, they are sick mentally and spiritually for doing this to innocent people.

In the interim while the investigation continues, let us remain prayerful to the Creator that we trust in the goodness of humanity rather than succumb to the urges to pass blame without facts to back it up. The Creator will judge all people in time. Let us love in all times.

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