Treasonous Tea

We the People of the United States…. Those words that form the beginning of our Constitution almost no longer seem relevant in the governing of our country. We have, as a whole, turned our backs on self-governing and become complacent in our duty to hold our elected officials accountable to us. Instead, we have allowed them to bastardize our rights and, rather than representing us the people, they represent special interest groups and those who hold the most wealth in our county. This is a travesty and an insult to our founders and their ideal of a country governed of the people, by the people, and for the people.
For all practical purposes, the opening words of the Constitution should read something like: We the Wealthy or We the mega-corporations, or even, we the special interest groups rather than We the People. We have allowed ourselves to follow blindly the rhetorical fecal matter propounded by special interests through their purchased politicians. We have bought into the idea that the wealthy and corporate leaders have our best interests in mind as they feed their purchased politicians and media outlets with rhetoric designed to play well with the less informed or simply apathetic minds within our society. The reality of it is that those same special interests and wealthy persons have only one thing in mind—their own self-preservation and the attainment of more wealth. They tell us the dare not pay their fair share of taxes because it will stunt the economy and job growth. If the wealthy, who pay less percentagewise in taxes than the average worker, truly were in the business of job creation, then there should be no unemployment. Instead, we hear and witness their taking in record profits while there are a record number of workers who are unemployed. This is not job creation; it is the creation of more wealth for the wealthy on the backs of the poor, working, and middle classes.
What is more is that those people who we have elected to represent us rake in billions of dollars from these corporations and wealthy individuals to support their campaigns for re-election while still drawing a salary that is paid out of taxpayer dollars. So, why do we continue to allow them to draw this salary if they are not representing the people who elected them? Apathy? Ignorance? Either way, it is not right.
We the People need to organize a new revolution against the tyranny of special interest driven politicians! If our elected officials are not representing our interests and only wish to further the agenda of corporate giants and the wealthy, then we need to recall them from their offices and replace them with those who will do the will of the people. Otherwise, we are a pathetic bunch of sheep simply following the wolves to our slaughter.
The dictionary defines the word treason in three principle ways:
1. The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or harm or kill its sovereign.
2. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
3. The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
Given the current circumstances and these definitions, then there are plenty of officials who are kowtowing to special interests and they are guilty of treason against the American people who are the foundation of our representative government. They must be impeached and replaced by people who will represent ALL people rather than a select few. We have heard news reports of these same purchased politicians make threatening references toward our President and We the People with their goals of making certain that nothing good is accomplished within our government unless their demands—that is the demands of their special interests—are met. They are holding our country hostage!
Why have they not been removed from office? The simple answer to that is that We the People have not the courage to act further than to verbally complain about their treasonous actions.
The time for words is over!
It is time for We the People to take non-violent, constitutionally sound action to remove these treasonous politicians from office! I am not calling for armed revolt, but intend for us to truly take our government back to being of the People, by the People, and for the People rather than for only a select few or for the corporate greed monsters.
It is time for We the People to hold our elected officials accountable to us rather than their corporate handlers!
It is time for We the People to stand up and stand together in solidarity to force those elected to represent us rather than allow them to continue their haughty mistreatment of our right to fair and equitable representation!
It is time for We the People to demand action from our elected officials that is in line with the betterment of our country and citizenry as a whole!
The Time is now for We the People who love our country and its freedoms to take a stand or else continue to suffer the consequences of our apathy for our generations and the generations to come!

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